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Increase the energy class of your building. Reduce the cost of running your business.


  • Simple & complex home-type applications by selecting suitable ventilators.

  • Ventilation of any enclosed space is necessary for a clean, healthy and comfortable environment.


  • Ventilation involves applications with high air supply needs.

  • Choosing the right type and size, from a wide range of vents, for flexibility in any case.

  • We have applications from small offices to large warehouses & industrial facilities.


Hybrid ventilation works by utilizing the phenomenon of natural attraction, as the hot gaseous masses move towards the roof, creating a current and thus transferring heat out of space.

When the airflow is not sufficient, the ventilation system operates with a fan powered by a photovoltaic cell.

Hybrid systems:

  • They have zero operating and maintenance costs.

  • They have zero carbon footprint.

  • They reduce moisture and consequently liquefaction of water vapor.