Commercial – Industrial Ventilation

  • Ventilation involves applications with high air supply needs.

  • Ventilation involves applications with high air supply needs

Our company, after studying the professional space and in collaboration with the customer, supplies & undertakes the installation of ventilators suitable for the respective application.

The wide range of ventilators from the most reliable companies, guarantees the smooth operation of the business and at the same time improves the services provided.

Εxtraction Capability 30.000m3 / h

Εxtraction Capability 30.000m3 / h


Power380W 36V solar DC power+ DC36V back up power
Solar PanelPolycrystalline solar panel, 1956x992x50mm
BladesDia950mm fan blades, 6 pcs
MotorBrushless DC Motor, IP68
Host Size1060x1060x400mm
HousingGalvanized steel
InstallationWall mounting
Working EfficiencyUp to 26,000CMH
ControllerThe smart controller keeps monitoring the output of solar panel and switches in the back-up power to assist automatically, which makes sure the fan working powerfully but not any solar energy wasted.
Back-up Power SupplyTransfer high volt AC power to 36V low volt DC power to back-up the fan working when it’s cloudy or at night
Power ModeFan powered by solar panel at day; Keep fast even when cloudy with assistant power from AC grid; Continue working at night with energy cost no more than 300W from AC grid;