33000 M³

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Ventilation for applications with high air flow needs.

  • Applications in small offices to large warehouses & industrial facilities.

  • Air extraction capacity from 1000 m³ to 33000 m³ without belts with ZERO ENERGY CONSUMPTION.

  • Noise level: <60dB

Our company, after studying the professional space and in collaboration with the customer, supplies & undertakes the installation of ventilators suitable for the respective application.

The wide range of ventilators from the most reliable companies, guarantees the smooth operation of the business and at the same time improves the services provided.

Solar panel direct

  • 1.2×1.2m large size with powerful winding ability
  • Powered by 350W solar panel at day
  • 1/2 energy consumption than normal fan
  • 0 pay for electricity

Εxtraction Capability 30.000m3 / h