Trench shoring: Safety has the highest priority.

Every construction site has specific challenges that need to be mastered. However, the requirements of a shoring system are always strict in terms of providing safety, having a minimal impact on the soil outside the shoring, and allowing as much working space as possible. For almost 70 years, our e+s and krings brand shoring systems have provided cost-effective technical processing solutions with due regard to safety aspects for numerous civil engineering projects, both domestically and on overseas markets.

Unique expertise.

thyssenkrupp Infrastructure is among the world’s best-known providers of trench shoring. We offer a wide range of trench shoring equipment and supplementary products. Our portfolio also includes temporary construction site roads made of steel or plastic. For the latter we additionally provide installation services.

For many construction projects, it is more economical to hire the shoring system. Our extensive range of rental equipment means we can always provide our customers with a suitable system, even for large-scale projects.

An overview of our services.

  • Sale and hire of our products
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Technical consulting office to prepare or optimize planning
  • Site-related planning
  • Preparation of structural requirements
  • Preparation of site-related drawings
  • Installation technicians on construction sites

Shoring Systems e+s

Shoring Systems krings

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