Flood protection. Urgent need for action.

People have settled near rivers and coasts for thousands of years. Over the past few centuries river courses have been straightened and constricted, flood plains reclaimed and built on, and forests cut down. The consequences of these human interventions are climate change and an increasing number of environmental disasters. Floods, formerly once-in-a-century events, are occurring more and more frequently.

Experts are agreed that urgent action is needed: flood damage already tops the European loss statistics. Some of the losses are foreseeable and can be prevented by flood protection measures matched to local requirements. Flood protection and prevention are therefore among the most urgent tasks facing the local communities concerned

Temporary flood protection systems

Temporary flood protection systems

Custom Solutions

End-to-end competence.

Thyssenkrupp Infrastructure is a world-renowned supplier of flood protection equipment. We offer a broad spectrum of high-quality products and diverse technical services in hydraulic engineering and water management.

Our engineering services in detail.

  • Structural analyses and stability tests
  • Special proposals
  • Preparation of draft
  • Determination of dimensions and costs
  • Design drawings and detailed solutions
  • Advice and support for planning companies
  • Documentation

Flood protection made in Germany

We have accreditation in all areas of our work. Our products are designed and manufactured exclusively at thyssenkrupp Infrastructure and its partner companies. We collaborate with leading hydraulic engineering and water management institutes to offer our customers state-ofthe- art flood protection systems.

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