Skylights can be used to improve living, working, or public spaces, and to save a large proportion of costs by using natural sustainable energy sources. They can be built into facilities of all purposes: residential, public, commercial, and industrial buildings.


The position of roof skylights is ideal for an effective natural exhaust of smoke and heat in the event of fire. The skylights, equipped with a natural smoke and heat exhaust system (NSHEV), are one of the essential elements to ensure safety in the event of fire. Designers or investors can choose from two types of opening mechanisms for NSHEV: 24V/48V motors and pneumatic cylinders with CO2 cartridges & ampule.


For Noise and Wind barriers Aglas – SoundStop cast acrylic sheets are a functional and technologically improved product of the Aglas cast acrylic sheet family. We have developed it specifically for noise barriers on roads and railways, and wind barriers on bridges. Because of its aesthetic, it can also be used in other applications, such as decorative sheets, façade systems, balcony and stairway barriers, protective barriers, etc. The sheets are available in various colour options; transparent, translucent, and non-transparent colours.