Ultima LED

Low UGR factor
is the key
to workers’ satisfaction.

Heavy industry and demanding conditions.


-70 %

The return on investment in 18 months allows savings of up to 70% per year.


Ultima LED – industrial luminaire for use in large storage areas and production rooms, with increased light output 198 lumens / W. Modular design, high temperature resistance, IP65, low reflection, calibration and easy installation – these are some of the features of this product. Available options with DALI control, two different photometric distributions and PRO version, with a guarantee of up to 8 or 10 years.


NameArticle numberDimensions
H x W x L [mm]
Luminous flux [lm]Luminous efficacy [lm/W]Colour temperature [K]Colour rendering indexProtection class [IP]Beam angle
Ultima LED 3.0 HEF I ULT3-I-NW-HEF 91/126/97860118001974000> 8065110°
Ultima LED 3.0 HEF II ULT3-II-NW-HEF 91/126/127580158001984000 >8065 110°
Ultima LED 3.0 HEF III ULT3-III-NW-HEF 91/126/1878120237001984000>8065110°