Industrial LED Basic

A solution for hundreds of applications.


State-of-the-art lighting


-53 %

Lower energy consumption, twice the light intensity.


Industrial LED Basic – an economical version of a luminaire that replaces fluorescent luminaires. The light source is based on the latest generation of diodes, combining it with a high voltage power supply system and an optimized diffuser that gives the product a luminous output of 130 lumens / W and a long lifespan.


NameArticle numberDimensions
H x W x L [mm]
Luminous flux [lm]Luminous efficacy [lm/W]Colour temperature [K]Colour rendering indexProtection class [IP]Beam angle
INDUSTRIAL BASIC I BAS-I-NW-DPC 95/100/12773546001314000 >8066 100°
INDUSTRIAL BASIC II BAS-II-NW-DPC 95/100/12774966001354000>8066100°
INDUSTRIAL BASIC III BAS-III-NW-DPC 95/100/157386 118001374000 >8066 100°