LED Flood Lights are designed to deliver bright and wide beam with efficiency and safety for outdoor illuminating application, whether you’re looking for LED fixtures for landscape lighting and wall washing, or for tree lighting, advertising & sign board. LED Flood Lights are not only positioned as up light, but also as down light, and its light can be spread across wide space uniformly. In addition to outdoor lighting, such LED fixtures can be applied indoors for some public and commercial area with large space, such as large warehouse, retailing store, shopping mall, grand hall, stadium and so on. LED Flood Light shells from Ktisissol are supplied in a variety of styles and watts to meet different scenes and applications, so you must buy one for your proper applications.

Flood lights KS-T300

170 Lumens

The new Ktisissol LED floodlight perfectly combines the following features:

  • Maximum adaptability – The luminaire sections can be directed in different directions
  • The highest efficiency in LED lighting on the market (170 lumens / watt)
  • Excellent build quality, guaranteed by Ktisissol Group