Downlight LED SF

Simplicity and efficiency

for demanding settings.

Bright and modern interior lighting.


700 m2


Adjust the brightness

depending on your needs.


Downlight LED SF 2.0 – the latest generation of desk lighting.


NameArticle numberDimensions
H x W x L [mm]
Luminous flux [lm]Luminous efficacy [lm/W]Colour temperature [K]Colour rendering indexProtection class [IP]Beam angle
DOWNLIGHT LED SF IDL2-I-NW90/155/1551517501174000>8044100°
DOWNLIGHT LED SF IIDL2-II-NW100/170/1702021501084000>8044100°
DOWNLIGHT LED SF IIIDL2-III-NW120/210/2102529501184000>8044100°