Baten LED

The Batten LED Luminaire gives you more performance in tight, demanding situations where cold and damp conditions along with the outdoor elements come into play. It brings the money-saving benefits of GE LED technology to ATMs, awnings, drive-thru areas…places where dependable utilitarian light is required.

Brightness up to 126 lumens / W

Warranty up to 5 years

Minimalist design


Maximizes coverage through wide, uniform Lambertian light distribution

Extruded plastic design protects against moisture, dust and damage

No decrease of light output in cold settings—as can happen with fluorescent

Installation is fast and easy with mounting clips

Integrated power supply eliminates separate drivers

Easily daisy chain (jumper wire & end-to-end) up to 40 feet of product

Damp Rated and Wet Rated available

IP66 Tested


Baten LED – Available options with DALI control. High luminous efficiency.