Complete energy, time and cost saving solutions with our company’s loading systems for fast and safe operating procedures.


Used in existing and newly built warehouses. Due to their independent construction, they are mounted outside the buildings, which means they do not occupy valuable storage space. The stand can be mounted at various angles for an optimal use of the outer space. In the fully cover version, it also helps in the restriction of heat loss and  the decreases the effect of external factors, such as precipitation and dust.


Electrohydraulic device forming a bridge between the warehouse and the cargo space of the vehicle. It enables continuous reloading, reducing the time of the entire operation. Made of steel or aluminium of “tear” plate with a standard load capacity of 60kN.


The purpose of dock shelter is to restrict air movement during the loading process in order to prevent heat loss and limit any negative effect of external factors, such as precipitation, dust and the penetration of other particulates. Dock seal dimensions depend on: width and height of trucks, door dimensions and the required sealing efficiency. At request, we provide dock seals of custom dimensions.


Steel wheel guides complement the loading system equipment. They ensure correct positioning of a vehicle in front of a dock leveller. Wheel guides are made of galvanised thick-wall steel pipes. We offer two types of wheel guides: designed to be screwed down or designed to be embedded in concrete.


Rubber bumpers are installed to protect buildings and vehicles against damage during a docking manoeuvre. Bumpers are highly durable and have a long lifespan.


Dock bridges are useful when the height difference between a truck’s cargo hold and a warehouse’s floor is quite big. We provide fixed and portable dock bridges. An automatic lock fastens the bridge in a safe position.