Facility Management

An important pillar of the production process of a business is its fixed assets, which are mainly translated into building premises, equipment, machinery and which are usually the biggest source of cost for it, as they have a certain life cycle and cost of maintenance. However, through prudent management and evaluation, the final costs, with which the overall results of the company are burdened, can be significantly reduced.

TEC SERVICES has all the individual departments required to meet any need that a company may have in the technical and technological field.

The services of Facility Management are intertwined with work related to building facilities, safety, hygiene, IT, consumables and in general all fixed assets of the company, but without excluding applications of practices that promote the company’s strategy, both directly and indirectly.

With a key focus on ensuring a positive business outlook for the business, TEC SERVICES contributes significantly to creating an ideal work environment that maximizes employee turnover and, consequently, the well-being of the business.

With innovative and sustainable solutions, we protect your investment and contribute to its performance! Our commitment to the excellent performance of our services is reflected in the long-term and transparent relationships we build with our customers on a daily basis.

Technical Support

Dry Construction

Lighting Studies

Construction Works (Conversion of spaces – Offices – Exhibition Areas)

Equipment Maintenance (Cleaning or Replacement of Materials)

Housing Maintenance (Replacement – Insulation – Protection)

Multi-facility Management

Building Energy Performance Studies

Environmental Studies and Project Supervision

Technical Solutions

Evaluation & Expansion Studies

Studies and Installation of Energy Saving Equipment

Relocation Services