Commercial Daylighting

SolaMaster Series

SkyVault Series

Brighten Up Series

Discover the technology that changed daylighting

SkyVault Series – Large Tubes for Large Spaces.

With our biggest tube diameter (29″), the SkyVault M74 DS is designed to throw task light all the way to the floor in large-volume spaces with high, open ceilings. Available with the assemblies and accessories to fully control light levels.

SolaMaster Series – Medium Spaces.
Maximum Versatility.

With different domes (330 DS and 750 DS) for different types of light capture on a 21″ tube, and the options for open or closed ceiling configurations, customizing the SolaMaster series for your specific daylighting needs is easy.

Brighten Up Series – Big Impact for Small Areas.

Two different systems (160 DS and 290 DS) with two different tube sizes (10″ and 14″, respectively) provide all the natural light you could need to fill small commercial spaces that have ceilings up to 10 feet.

160 DS

Delivers daylight and brilliant illumination to spaces up to 200 sq. ft, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets and hallways, or in multiples for larger rooms. Round and square diffuser options available.


Provides a horizontal opening on a sloped roof. Shingle, metal, shake, slate roof types.